Zoe Karssen Sample Sale

Zoe Karssen is known for her super casual shirts, sweaters and pants. The cult label was founded in Amsterdam in 2010. Since then the designer duo has managed to develop a brand that is rock ‘n’ roll and cool and with its pop references it appeals just as much to middle aged women as it does to younger teenagers.

Yesterday I was invited to the Zoe Karssen Sample Sale. When I arrived there, a long queue was already waiting to get in. Once I checked in my bag and coat and got a glass of Champagne I was set to get inside. A huge room, adorned with stucco on the walls was full with shirts, sweaters, jackets and pants and approx. 200 shopping-mad women. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to get a free mirror to look at what you’d tried on.

The discounts were pretty amazing. A Zoe Karssen shirt for only 25 bugs! The fabric felt so good and the shape was amazing! I just had to get it! As you can see: The Zoe Karssen Sample Sale was a success for me :)

Here are some impressions of the evening!

Zoe-Karssen Sample Sale Zoe-Karssen1 Zoe-Karssen2

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