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I’m sure everybody knows these stages in life when you just feel like you’ve lost track of everything. You feel uninspired and unmotivated to change anything about it. That’s how I felt the last weeks since I have some huge decisions to make.

Every time I feel this way I get the urge to go somewhere quiet, somewhere outside where everything is bigger than me and where my view isn’t disturbed by buildings, streets etc. So last weekend I went to the Saxony Swiss. It’s such a gorgeous place to be. Sometimes it’s really crowded by tourists but if you take a long walk you won’t see any soul in a long time.

Just taking one step after the other without thinking about anything is just so recovering for me. And at the end you will get to places where you have the most amazing views and for the first time in a long time you have the feeling that you can actually think straight and in the end you will always be able to return to this beautiful place right here, no matter what.

So you see walking is kind of a therapeutical treatment for me. However, I took the opportunity to take some pictures which I hope you like. I am wearing my favorite blouse from American Eagle and some really awesome fitting black jeans from H&M. The boots were a lucky found in Rome.


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