Welcome to that ’70s Show

Getting out of the comfort zone can be scary

Inspired bei Coach’s Spring 2015 fashion show in New York I wanted to try out something different, get out of my comfort zone a little, just not too much 😉

Coach’s show was all about the 70s. The influence reappeared in flared jeans and shaggy coats. I was immediately thrown back in the time when I was 14. So the first thing I did was get online and look for jeans. Out came those pretty G-Star flare jeans with some sort of 3D tailoring for a perfect fit. And gosh they did fit well! Also I found this beautiful off-the-shoulder blouse at Pull and Bear with which I fell immediately in love. How do you like my fashion experiment?

Jeans: G-Star (on sale here), top: Pull and Bear

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