Wardrobe staple: The blazer

IMG_3721Hello my dears, as I am writing this post I am in my hometown Cologne. Here the so called fifth season has begun last thursday (and is already over as you read this post): Carnival. It’s the first time in four years that I am able to attend it. Before I always had to write tests, did internships or was on holidays.

I absolutely love this jecke zick (crazy time), as you say here. I am really typical kölsch (meaning you can tell that I am from Cologne). I love dressing up, going to the pub and listening (and of course singing along) to music from Cologne. No other city except for New York has so many anthems about itself as Cologne has. And the people are right: Cologne is pretty damn awesome. Even though there was so much negative press about it in the last few weeks I still love it.

But enough of praise for my lovely hometown and let’s talk fashion 😉

If you ask me, a closet should always be filled with good basic staples. Pieces that you feel good in, that you like wearing everyday. Those can always be glammed up with accessories, shoes or as in my case with a statement blazer.

Since this blazer is not only heavily patterned but has fringe details too, I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit rather monochrome. Thus I went for a typical wardrobe staple, the white button down, and a black skirt. The blazer is statement enough I think. The boots are another highlight. I have a huge crush on them.

I am wearing a blazer from H&M, skirt from Mango (similar), button down from H&M (old) and boots from asos (similar).

What do you think should never be missing in a closet? And do you have any tricks to make a basic piece not so basic?





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