Hey guys! Here are some outfit pics from my amazing city trip to Amsterdam. I already told you about the Vondelpark. This park somehow reminded me of Central Park in NY as there were so many beautiful houses around with an amazing view on the park right from the balcony. It is the most famous and second biggest park in Amsterdam.

Also it is a great place to either do some sports or relax a bit as we did after hours and hours of walking. The park is so romantic with its over 70 different sorts of roses, little pavilions, cafés and restaurants. Just the perfect place to rest a little after an exhausting discovery-tour.

As for my outfit I’m wearing a striped crop top from H&M, boots from Tamaris and jeans from H&M. You won’t believe that I got these perfect pants for just 19,90 Euros! Usually I really have trouble finding the right pair, but with this one I fell in love with when I first lay eyes on it as I just love the shade of blue!

top: H&M, pants: H&M, boots: Tamaris

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