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It’s been a while since my last blog post, sorry for that guys. But I was on vacation. Actually it was a road trip which makes it less a vacation and rather a real adventure, which it really was. Being in the “wilderness” then meant no internet and thus no blogging, facebooking or any other connection to the “real world”.

You might wonder where I went when I’m writing stuff like “wilderness”, right? Ok, it was actually not that wild since my trip went to the west coast of the USA. But being the only car   in a far stretched desert really makes you believe to be far off civilization.

Anyway, my trip started in Los Angeles and this is where I’m starting to show you my favorite pics in the next days or so. I hope you enjoy them, for me they are a great memory anyway.

HollywoodBeverly HillsHollywoodBeverly Hills


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