The jumpsuit

IMG_4030Honestly, for me the jumpsuit was never really a fashionable piece of clothing but a necessity when painting the apartment. It just always reminds me of a painter. However, after I saw so many inspirational pics of women wearing jumpsuits, I wanted to give it a try as well, et voilà – I love it. It’s super easy to wear: just go with any top you like, add some accessories and you’re ready to go. To give it a more fancy touch, add high heels instead of sneakers.

By the way, I never knew how great H&M conscious is. I’ve been shopping at H&M for years but it wasn’t until I started to do a lot of online shopping that I found out how great the conscious collection was. Haha you must think I was living under a rock 😀

Jumpsuit, sneakers and turtleneck are from H&M, the necklaces from Etsy.





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