The bag

Some things just have such sentimental meaning to it. The bag I’m wearing was my grandma’s. She died a few years ago and ever since then this bag (among a lot of other things) remind me of her. When I wear it I can see her wearing it. It has the old leathery smell to it which sets me back in time. It’s really great to have some little reminder in daily life.

To my outfit: I simply love everything that’s oversized. Like this blouse. I found it in H&M and was immediately in love. It’s oversized, it’s plaid, it’s perfect. I matched it with an old jeans which I altered a bit and a lot of jewelry. And of course I won’t leave the house without a beanie!

blouse: H&M, jeans: American Eagle, jewelry: Asos + H&M, jacket: Zara

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