The 70s love

long-cardigan-and-flared-jeansI have always been a huge fan of flared jeans. I remember, when I was around 11 years old my grandma used to take my skinny jeans and stitched them up so that they would be flared. My mom didn’t want to buy new jeans until I grew out of my old ones so we had to be creative. Seeing those pants on pictures these days, I must admit that they weren’t really flattering. I was very small and the flare was huge which made me look even smaller. Still I loved them and I still do. I have always been confident that one fine day flared jeans will have a comeback. And that is now.

It’s not only the flared jeans that I really love about the 70s trend. I love the overknee boots, the suede and those off shoulder looks. I love the huge hats and the A-line skirts. I’m obsessed with these pieces right now and so happy that such a fun fashion era has returned.

Here I am wearing flared jeans from New Look (similar), boots from Tamaris (similar), scarf from Bijou Brigitte, an old cardigan (similar) which is perfect for layering.






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