Summer Trends

Although we’re not actually feeling it here in Berlin, summer is due to arrive. That’s why today I wanted to present you the latest summer trends for summer 2016.

  1. One major trend, though it feels like it will never be out of style in summer anyways, is the hippie maxi dress. There is just something magic about putting on bold colors and a maxi dress to wear it for a garden party or to the beach.
  2. The carmen top is definitely here to stay. The romantic top continues its successful course which has already started in summer 2015.
  3. See-through tops are the perfect mix of sexy and sporty. Sporty-chic is not going to vanish anytime soon.
  4. In summer we wear the bomberjacket in bold colors and with prints. That looks especially great with summer dresses.
  5. Plissee is another major trend in summer. Skirts and dresses in summery colors look ultra-feminine and are easy to wear.
  6. Slip in and you’re good to go. Slip on sandals are chic and easy to wear.
  7. Bold stripes will put us in a good mood immediately. It doesn’t matter if they are horizontal or vertical, even a mix will do.

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