Rethinking Fashion

IMG_4810I’ve been blogging for more than two years now and I’ve definitely had my ups and downs. Sometimes I am full of passion and inspiration, then there are times when I am wondering, if it is worth the time, the money and the effort. As I don’t really agree with fashion doctrines such as “You have to have this bag” or “Don’t wear anything twice” I’m sometimes putting in question the whole fashion industry and thus my status as a blogger, too.

I have a huge problem with immoderateness and waste and very often when I want to shop for a new outfit, I ask myself: “Do I really need this?” and since I cannot complain myself about an empty closet, the answer is “no” most of the time.

As you guys might or might not know I am working in fashion PR. I am super happy to be working together with a brand called Skunkfunk. They stand up for greener, sustainable fashion and manufacture it in an environmentally friendly way. Also, they work with organic cotton, lyocell and linen and support fair wages for everyone involved in the process.

Now they have a new dress: The zero waste dress. Doesn’t that sound like the solution to my problem?! Zero waste refers to items of clothing where every piece of fabric is being used, nothing is wasted. Thus there is zero textile waste in the production. I think that’s an amazing concept and one that I can relate to very much.

And of course the dress is super pretty, don’t you think?

I am wearing: dress (Skunkfunk), jacket (old), shoes (Adidas), watch: *Nicole Vienna, glasses (Ray Ban), necklace (Selected femme: similar)







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