Summer is back!

Forget all I said in my last post – Summer is back!

The past three days have been amazing! The sun was shining and it felt like summer for a second again.

It seems to be that not only here in Germany the weather is acting crazy. If you look at the streetstyles at New York Fashion week you feel like it was summer again too. Not only do they show summer looks on the runway but also outside. I remember last year when they were all cuddled in warm coats and hats. Just crazy.

As for my outfit, I was totally happy about this short return of summer since I haven’t worn this beautiful white skirt yet. I found it on sale and fell immediately in love with it. When it comes to the heels I have to admit that I really couldn’t walk in them longer than for this shoot. I’m just not a high heel person though I’d love to wear them more often… And I am happy to show  you my latest buy, this gorgeous top from H&M. I’m just crazy about lace I have to admit. What about you?

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