Summer in the City

Hi guys! Hasn’t the weather been amazing lately? It’s so awesome to go out with sandals for the first time of the year wearing only a thin top and no jacket!

It’s amazing what the weather can do to my mood. I feel like I have had some kind of a winter blues, however with the sun coming out it’s like blown away.

Also I have a much larger outfit choice since my wardrobe consists of much more summer clothes. Winter clothes have never really been my thing. I just don’t really see my wardrobe options here and I don’t know what kind of clothes would be flattering and what would make me look like a fat slug…

I have always admired those stylishly dressed women during the cold months, the ones with over the knee boots and long coats but since I am quite small wearing that is rather difficult.

So here is my first official summer outfit. I am wearing an H&M top, my H&M jeans and sandals which I got in Thailand. I hope you like it!

top: H&M, jeans: H&M, sandals: old

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