Spring trends

Hi guys, for today I created a moodboard to show you what my perfect spring outfit looks like. Despite the fact that I love black, for spring I like to go lighter and opt for the opposite. Most of the time my outfits are either black, grey or white. To get a little color into this look, I chose a denim jacket with patches. I think this spring trend is so much fun. However, as with every trend piece, I wouldn’t invest too much money in it as I am probably only gonna wear it this season.
Another trend that I really love is the netting trend. Those tops and skirt look so sporty especially when paired with a pair of sneakers.

What do you think of this look?


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13 thoughts on “Spring trends

  1. I like everyday clothes when they have Sports detailing as well like mesh, netting etc…the white skirt is super cute, have a good Monday! ( :

  2. A denim jacket is such a great choice! I love how you can easily dress down and outfit for a day time look with it, and wear something fancier for going out :) x Alona


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