Spectacular Views

Today I wanna shop you two of my favorite spots on our tour.

The first one is Lake Tahoe. It was a working holiday weekend when we were there so it was quite crowded but that couldn’t spoil the place for me. It impressed with a crystal clear lake which was surrounded by huge trees and the rocks in the water gave us the feeling of being on an island.

The other region was Big sur. When you drive down along the coast you have a stunning view on deep blue water and massive mountains. During sunset the sun bathed them in golden colors and made the water even more sparkling.

When driving such a long time and being in such a heat as we experienced it on our tour I am always grateful for an easy throw on shirt like I am wearing in these pictures. Just throw it over the bikini and it’s done. I love how the colors of the shirt correspond with those of the water. I made this shirt myself from the colors to the cut and I am really quite proud of it :)

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