Sometimes you have to cut things out to find new layers

IMG_3951The cut-out trend and I have been on and off lovers for quite some time now. This week feels like the week of revived trends on the blog. On monday it was the flare jeans and today the cut-out top.

Do you remember those ‘postbox’ cut-outs that were on trend in the early 2000s? I’m still no fan of those though. However, I really like cut-outs at unexpected positions of a top such as at the side rather than at the shoulders or chest.

Wearing cut-outs during winter is a lot easier now with the new approach of layering. Today it was warm enough to wear a top without anything underneath. But we are really blessed with a mild winter this year. If it is really cold though, think of a turtleneck under the cut-out. Your options are limitless to still wear your favorite trend on colder days. So don’t dismiss cut-out tops too early from your closet but reinvent them with a fresh way of layering.

Are you into cut-outs and how do you wear them? I am really curious to know!

I am wearing a Levi’s boyfriend jeans (on sale here), Tamaris boots (similar here), necklaces from Etsy and a Minimum top.





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30 thoughts on “Sometimes you have to cut things out to find new layers

  1. I am so in love with this top, Liesa! :) The cut-out details on the side make it so catchy and trendy. I need a similar one to spice up my everyday outfits :)
    P. S. I just discovered your blog and I like it so much! :) Great style and writing!


  2. I love cut outs. I have a couple of dresses with cut outs and it’s nice layering cardigans and scarves with them. My closet is dominated more by lace, sequins and crop tops. I’d also still wear them in colder weather, but as you said – layered! :)

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