Santa Monica

Santa Monica was probably the place I enjoyed most in Los Angeles. It had such a vibrant and easy going vibe but at the same time it seemed really sophisticated with sunday markets and childrens animation.

People in Santa Monica were all really sporty and at the beach were fun sport equipments build up. Afterwards you could just take a stroll along the Santa Monica Peer which entertained with shops, food, smoothies and great music.

It was also a great place for shopping. It doesn’t only have the usual stores such as H&M, Levi’s etc. but also some really cute little places and tons of chilled out places to eat.

By the way, I got my tee in a fabulous store called Rock Etiquette on Melrose Avenue. It was my first purchase in Los Angeles and I love it so much since it is just perfect to throw it over a bikini. You can get it here.

IMG_6175 IMG_6187 IMG_6191 IMG_6198 IMG_6201


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