Santa Barbara

Our last stop before our flight home was Santa Barbara. It was like after all the stress (don’t get me wrong, I loved everything we saw, but with all the driving around in such a short time it was quite stressful) we finally got the relaxation we needed. Though it was quite a touristy spot it had such an easy going, relaxed vibe going on. I can totally understand why people call it the “American Riviera”. The mediterranean weather was so pleasing and the beach was amazing! Laying in the sand you could look behind you and see huge (I mean really huge) palm trees all around you and pelicans flying over you. We had such a good time!

In these pics I’m wearing my new American Eagle  shirt. I love a simple black shirt since you can just wear it everywhere without being dressed inappropriately. What I like most about it is the fact that it is not that simple but has little see-through spots. That gives a more elegant feeling to it.


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