Running errands

IMG_3542It’s just another usual saturday and as on every saturday I got up early, did the usual apartment clean-up and my weekly errands.

The next grocery store is just 10 minutes away and I guess nobody would care if I just stayed in my pajama pants and my blotted shirt. But do you know this feeling of motivation that comes when you put on nice clothes and a little bit of make-up? You feel transformed and suddenly powerful and full of energy. A lazy saturday afternoon on the sofa becomes a super productive day. There is no more procrastinating. I can do it!

While I am not someone running errands whilst being super dressed up, I still like to feel pretty and not like someone who should hide in the apartment under a blanket. I need a routine. If I don’t get dressed on a saturday, I’ll probably stay in all day. What’s your tactic to get up and make your day as productive as possible?

Concerning my outfit: I am wearing jeans and shirt from Circle of Trust, an awesome dutch label I just recently discovered, jacket from New Look (on sale here) and boots from H&M.





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19 thoughts on “Running errands

  1. Completely get where you’re coming from. My fiancee and I are usually out the door and at the shops by 9am on a Saturday, get a food shop in on the way home and then you’re motivated to get the house work done in the afternoon and not feel guilty about the hot chocolate later on!


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