Quick Update

Hello everybody from rainy Amsterdam! As I told you I will call this city my home for the next three months as I am doing an internship here.

Yesterday I had my first day and I can finally tell you more about it! I am working as a PR intern at dutch fashion brand Avelon. I totally love this brand as their designs are so minimalistic but always with an interesting edge. The fabrics are amazing, the cuts are different from what you would expect and the colors are kept neutral. Total sophistication here.

Next weeks are gonna be really interesting. Press days are coming up and we will have every huge fashion magazine in the house. Speaking of the showroom: It’s pure heaven! I could just try on every piece hanging from the racks, believe me!

I will keep you updated on what’s going on!

Also, for next week I planned on showing you my work-outfits for the whole week, so make sure to check them out! I just hope I won’t be too busy, so don’t be disappointed if I don’t make it 😉 I will give my very best to keep my promise!

Wish you all a lovely day!

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