Prague Take II

I already told you about the fabulous hotel we stayed in while we were visiting Prague. I must say I’ve really fallen in love with the city all together. It’s just such a cute place. Everywhere you look you see you’d see different house and cute turrets.

What’s striking is that it’s quite hard to find some more alternative places. The city is quite traditional and you cannot only see that in its architecture but also in the places you wanna eat something, in cafés and in most hotels. However, we tracked down some cool places just like the John Lennon Wall you see below. The background of this wall is very interesting. Teenagers wrote down their discontent with the communist regime. Today the wall stands for the ideals of love, peace and freedom.

Also we found this amazing café which is plainly called cafécafé. The brick walls and the minimalistic interior made it to a really special place.

I totally love traveling and getting to know those fascinating places and learn about a countries history. It just broadens the horizon and I always feel that it forms me as a person so much. It just makes me so more open-minded and I can’t wait for my next trip!

top: H&M, shorts: H&M, sandals: Guess

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