Post-Summer Blues

Summer is over, let’s get ready for fall fashion!

Now that summer is officially I am already falling into my post-summer blues. This year I felt like summer was rushing by. I didn’t even have time to wear all the clothes I wanted to wear and I haven’t been on a proper vacation which is kind of unusual for me.

On the bright side: fashion wise september is one of the most exciting months. Fashion week has already started and we can marvel at the amazing streetstyles and the upcoming trends for the next summer. Isn’t it ironic that while we are starting to wear layers over layers to protect ourselves from the cold designers are already starting to prepare us for summer?!

Another bonus for fall/winter is the absolutely stunning knitwear. I’m a huge fan of long and lean knits, oversized coats and cozy cardigans. I always feel like winter is so much more comfortable and I can’t wait to just put on a cape or pull layers over layers.

However, before I am closing the summer chapter I have a few more summer outfits for you. The first one was shot in the Netherlands. I’ve been there three days just to clear my mind and get out of here for a little while. I always feel like coming home when coming to the Netherlands since I have been there every single year on family vacation. And also this little trip was a family getaway, a very fun one :)

I am wearing a River Island boyfriend jeans bought via Asos, an H&M top and vest, both pretty old, a necklace from Bijou Brigitte and Converse sneakers. I hope you like it!


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15 thoughts on “Post-Summer Blues

  1. Love your distressed jeans a lot! And I totally agree, summer went by so quickly. Can’t believe it’s fall already! Although I’m really excited about fall, I can’t really dress for fall where I live since it’s the same temperature all year round!

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