One day in Amsterdam

AmsterdamHey guys! I hope you had just as an amazing a weekend as I had!

One of my great passions are city trips and this weekend we decided to go to Amsterdam. Though I went on holidays to the Netherlands every year I have only seen Amsterdam one time before when I was little. So when I got out of the plane and heard people speak dutch I felt quite at home immediately. I don’t know what it is with childhood memories but if you smell or hear anything familiar you are taken back to that time immediately and feel so at ease – you know what I mean?

So first thing we had to do was find some place for breakfast as we got up at four o’clock and hadn’t eaten anything. At first it was rather difficult to find a comfortable place to eat as most of the caffés are pubs in the evening which gives them a totally different and not so comfy feeling. At the Nieuw-Markt however we found a tiny Broodbar with freshly pressed orange juice, coffee, musli, cakes and of course a great choice of bread. The bar was furnished with wooden bar stools and plain, long wooden tables with a view on the gracht which is like a river going through the city. This place had such an individual and comfortable vibe to it that I can just recommend it to everybody visiting Amsterdam! Later we would find some more cozy caffés in the Utrechtsestraat, some even with a tiny garden and all so snugly and individual.



As for shopping Amsterdam really is the city! Close to the center you would find every store there is, from H&M to Bershka, Steve Madden and many more. If you’re more into luxury shopping you should go to the Hoofstraat. There you can find all the famous designer from Gucci to Prada or Karl Lagerfeld and many more. In the Cornelis Schuytstraat however you can find some more designer like Isabel Marant and some more affordable ones.

I myself got lucky with some new Steve Madden boots which I wanted to buy since a long time!

When it comes to sport or just taking a little walk there is no better place than the beautiful Vondelpark. You can take a walk around the lake or just watch the sporty people taking their rounds from a bench. A little pavillion gives the park a romantic touch. Around the park you can see the most amazing houses with such beautiful balconies where you just wished you could sit there and enjoy the view with a cup of coffee.

For our next eating break we took the train to a neighborhood called De Pijp where we went to a salad bar called SLA. This place really made you want to live healthier with all its vegan soups and its huge salad bar. The place was built up like a greenhouse with plants hanging on the walls and a glass roof where the sun shone in.


This neighborhood was all about healthy eating with so many restaurants, juice bars or places with (frozen) yoghurt and fruits.

Besides from many coffeeshops you can also chill in one of the many cute caffés especially if you go west from Amsterdam central. I just loved how all the cafés there were in a country house style with a gallery where you could eat and also have a view down on the bar or on the own bakery. Again you could also find great organic places with a vintage design there or enjoy a delicious cake in the petit gâteau.

Café Costadoro

Petit gâteau

organic Vinnies Deli

Amsterdam really capitvated me. The lifestyle just speaks out to me with all the buildings where no house would look the same, the healthy lifestyle, the bike riding everywhere and the very friendly people. It’s absolutely a city worth seeing.

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