Up to new things

Hello everybody,

hope you are all doing well!

Maybe you have realized a few changes on my blog these couple of days. Somehow I had a feeling of standstill with my blog and I wasn’t really satisfied with it. So I took a deeper look at what WordPress had to offer, watched a few tutorials and started to work on it. However, those are not the last changes my blog had to undergo.

I thought a lot about whether I wanted to keep my blog a fashion-only zone or if I want to try something new. When I started this blog I didn’t really have a goal in my mind other than that I wanted a place to write. And if I am totally honest, I still don’t know where my blog is heading. All I know is that I love fashion and I love writing about it. Still I couldn’t post and write on my blog as much as I wanted to. Unfortunately my wardrobe is quite limited which makes it hard to post outfits on a regular basis, at least such outfits, that I want to share. So I thought about other things that inspire me and that I love writing or reading about.

Long story short: I am opening up a completely new category soon about things that I love to read about too, so I hope that you do as well. I don’t want to give you all of the details just yet, just wanted to get you curious 😉

Wish you all a good start into next week!

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