Napa Valley

I always wanted to visit Napa Valley once I come to the west coast of the USA. I had the vision of beautiful vineyards full of dark blue almost violet colored bunch of grapes as far as you can look.

I wasn’t disappointed at all when I actually came to visit Napa Valley. In reality it seemed even more beautiful than in my visions.

There were vineyards everywhere. When the sun began to shine on them it was such a beautiful game of colors. It was a mix of intense green with a hint blue here and there and from far away it even had a golden touch. On top of a vineyard would be an old majestical house of stone draped in ivy which gave it an antic look.

But there weren’t only vineyards. All around the stately homes were beautiful flowers in all colors. It was such an amazing view.

In Napa I opted for my new Brandy Melville dress which in my opinion fitted perfectly in this setting since it has a very romantic look to it thanks to the frills. I also love the open bag since I am a huge fan of those.


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