My Style

It’s pretty hard to put my style in one category;

However, this would be my go to uniform

Since I have started my blog I am confronted with fashion nearly every day. Every morning I start my day by checking out my favorite blogs (e.g. stylescrapbook, seamsforadesire or lookdepernille). These women are totally different yet each of them has her own personal style.

Being confronted with trends that influence ones style so much nearly every day, trying to incorporate them in the outfit whilst staying true to ones style has made it a little difficult for me to figure out my own personal style. However, a look into my wardrobe makes my style pretty obvious. Far off any trends my style is pretty simply: give me a white tee, some skinnies and a leather jacket and I am totally happy. What would you say is your style and why do you think is it so difficult to put ones own style into a category?

jeans: mango, boots: Tamaris, shirt: Zara, sunnies: ray Ban, leather jacket: Oakwood (on sale here)

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