When I first heard the term mansplaining I had to smirk a little. What it means is self-explanatory: men explaining the world. To me it sounded like just another word out of a feminist’s vocabulary.

Then I had my first day at my internship. After a little chat I showed my fellow intern (a male) my favorite blog. I was full of enthusiasm because I love her style so much and for me she’s really innovative and stylish. His reaction: He explained to me that she was not a good blogger since her style wasn’t fashion forward at all but just plain normal and good fashion has to always be fashion forward. Mansplaining in it’s fullest.

Well, for me, fashion is a way to express yourself. Whether it is fashion forward or not, everybody should wear what they like, that’s the fun about fashion. I really had no idea what to say to this.

Enough of my little anecdote and on to my outfit 😉 As I promised to you I try to post my office outfits on a daily basis this week. I started with a skirt paired with a flowy blouse. To make this outfit not look too formal I went for boots instead of heels. Nobody is wearing them in the office!

skirt: old (similar here & here), boots: Pull&Bear (similar on sale here), blouse: Asos (sold out, similar here)

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