Less but better

IMG_5058You made have noticed me not posting as regularly as I used to do. And that has a reason: I simply don’t have enough clothes in my wardrobe to show five outfits a week. As much as I would like to post more, I still want my content to be unique and interesting and I don’t think that would be the case if what I showed you were the same jeans and t-shirt every day. Don’t get me wrong, I think you can create wonderful outfits with the same piece of clothe, but there are limits. And let me be honest, it’s also not only the clothes, it’s also the time. I have a full-time job and when I get home from work at around half past six pm all I want to do is to sit on the sofa and watch some serials or read a book. It’s pretty hard to be creative when you’re tired out.

Some time ago I read a book called Essentialism by Greg McKeown and I must admit that it had quite an impact on me. In this book the author teaches how to focus on the essential and get better results with it. He introduces tactics of how to be more focussed and how to better know what you want and his key learning is Less but better.

This quote, although of course it’s not a new one, stuck in my head and I thought about how in the past I tried to do it all. I wanted to learn french, I wanted to learn how to code, I wanted to be good at my job and I wanted to keep my blog running. But it has been exhausting. I just can’t do it all. So I tried one of Greg McKeown’s techniques of how to find out what’s essential to me. The question I need to ask to find out about it is: Do I love doing what I am doing? And if I had to rate it on a scale from zero to 100 per cent, where would the questioned activity be? Would it be at least a 90? If not, it’s out. By the way, this is also a great technique to declutter your wardrobe 😉

My answer to the question was yes, I love writing my blog. But at the same time I also know that I don’t want to publish stuff just for the sake of getting a post up here. It stresses me and it ‘s also not really interesting for you. So I guess until I have some more time to get my creative juices flowing, you’ll probably see a little less of me here. I still try to post at least once a week, probably mondays, but I can’t promise that. What I can promise is that when you find new content here, it’s content that I am satisfied with myself at least 90 per cent 😉 Less, but better. I hope that you’ll still be reading my blog and enjoy my content maybe even a little bit more. My blog is my baby and I want to keep it running, but of course I also want it to be good. I hope you understand.

As for my outfit, I am wearing a skirt from French Connection, Superga sneakers and a shirt from H&M


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