IMG_3656One of my favorite trends for a while now has been layering. Unfortunately I am not really good at it. For me it really is one of the hardest skills to master.

One blogger who I think is the queen of layering is Maja Why. I love her effortless style a lot. All her outfits look so stylish and as if she doesn’t even have to try to create a perfect head to toe look. I tried to analyze her style a bit and wanted to create such a great layered look myself. What do you think? And what is your trick to create a perfectly layered look?

I also wanted to share with you some layering tricks I found out by analyzing Maja’s outfits.

  1. Go for long hemlines, not only when it comes to skirts or dresses, but also for coats and cardigans.
  2. Use belts to create a silhouette.
  3. Opt for long sleeves under a cardigan or coat.
  4. Use a long scarf to give the outfit a nice finishing touch.
  5. One of the easiest ways to layer is to wear a longer blouse or shirt under a sweater.
  6. When it’s cold wear a blazer, leather jacket or denim jacket under the coat.
  7. When wearing a skirt or flared jeans, the outfit looks even more effortless when everything is oversized, from head to toe.
  8. Let a piece of lace peak out under your V-neck shirt or down the hemline.
  9. Tie a shirt around your waist.
  10. When wearing more than three layers, pile on thin layers.

Here I am wearing Review jeans (similar), drape top from asos, old boots and an old trench (similar here & here).




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