kept promise?

IMG_9196Hey guys, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend?!

With spring on the horizon I’m already strolling through all my favorite online shops such as Asos, Zalando or Zara online 聽looking for cute dresses, sandals and even bikinis. I feel like my wardrobe needs a total make over since I only see knitted pullovers, warm jackets and pants mostly in black and grey. As I already told you I am trying really hard to get away from these colors.

However, I can’t get away from black and grey completely. I just love it too much and it always gives me a feeling of security, of not being over- or underdressed.

Here I’m wearing a pastel colored Brandy Melville dress paired with a 3suisse vest (don’t you just love the peek of lace at the shoulder?!) and my Asos knee high boots.

Usually I’m not such a big fan of girly clothes. I prefer it a little more edgy with bold boots, leather jacket and so on. But that always changes once the first ray of sunlight comes out. Suddenly my style gets so much more girly and flirty and the pastel color trend matches perfectly. What makes an outfit more girly than a soft pink or light blue?





dress: Brandy Melville, vest: 3suisse, boots: Asos, belt: H&M

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