Joshua Tree National Park

Next we drove up to Joshua Tree National Park. The ride to it was amazing. Suddenly the whole landscape changed. In Santa Monica was water, an easy breeze and people over people. Here everything became dry, deserted and hot hot hot.

The Joshua Tree National Park was no exception. You got sand, stones and cactuses like trees called Joshua Trees. They rather looked like they belonged on another planet.

Our Campground then was in the Park at a place called Indian Cove. It felt like we were the only people on the planet here, no one around us.

The sundown was amazing. It was so beautiful to see the sun change the color of these massive stones. That really made our dinner something special.

In these pictures I’m wearing my favorite dress from Vila. In my opinion it looks chic and casual at the same time, if this is even possible. IMG_6256 IMG_6245 IMG_6289

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