How thin is too thin?

Especially in the fashion industry girls are confronted with high demands concerning their body. If you’re not size zero you can probably forget about your career as a model.

Last December Model Karlie Kloss shocked us with some super skinny nude pictures in Italian Vogue followed by a spread in spanish Numéro which as a way of preventing negative anorexic talk airbrushed her rips. With these pictures Karlie became the new idol on many pro anorexia websites.

Karlie was discovered at the young age of 13. She made a quick career and soon walked for many famous designer such as Dior or John Galliano. At the age of 15 she was photographed for Teen Vogue which was her definitive breakthrough. This high pressure and stress left their mark on Karlie. It’s hard for such a young girl to resist to the weight pressure in fashion industry. 2008 she had to be treated for Anorexia.

This month again Karlie will have a nude spread in US Vogue. We’ll see if it’s followed by such a dramatic debate again. After the last one we can just hope that she has gained some weight. In such a multimedia time she is a rolemodel for many young girls who will follow her lead, so let’s hope she considers that.

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