Home Sweet home

IMG_4882Those of you who don’t live at home anymore and maybe live a little farther away know the joy of coming home. I am always so excited many days before coming home already with a feeling of total happiness. To me, coming home is like – well, coming home 😉 There is no place in the world where I feel like myself so much and get the feeling of total clarity.

This weekend, I flew home again for an extended weekend and it was just what I needed. The past days, or rather weeks, were filled with self-doubts, questions and bees in my head. I felt as though I couldn’t think straight anymore. A walk and talk with my mum however totally cleared my head and made me realize what I really want and what I should go after. There’s no arguing, mum is the best :)

Today I am wearing: Levi’s jeans, Moves by Minimum blouse, Superga sneakers and a Warehouse jacket (via Asos)





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