Fusion Hotel Prague

Traditional city with a  modern twist

Hey guys, sorry for the radio silence. The last days have been crazy. My schedule was and still is packed with university stuff.

However, I had two days off last week and I had to use them as good as I could. So me and my boyfriend went to Prague just for one night. This city is so beautiful and full of charm. It has such a unique character – nothing looks the same, no house, church or official building. In my eyes the city even has something mediterran but I guess that’s just me who thinks that as my boyfriend totally disagreed.

The best thing about this trip however was our fabulous hotel – the Fusion Hotel Prague. It’s rather difficult to find some ‘alternative’ place in the city since it is full of tradition. But this hotel really was something different. Entering the hotel everything would be very dark with indirect lighting and huge leather sofas. On our way to our room we would nearly see nothing. But after we opened the door our eyes grew wide. Our room was huge with big windows, a beautiful bed in the center, a desk and seating accommodation. Since all the rooms in the hotel are theme-rooms we also had some kind of old cinema seating in the room. The walls were adorned with pictures of quotes or famous people.

For us this really was a one of a kind stay and we would always come back to see what the other rooms look like.

As for my outfit I am wearing a H&M dress and necklace from my last online shopping trip.

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