From old to new

Creating new outfits

from old items

Maybe you remember me wearing those (fake) leather shorts from Zara or this Isabel Marant for H&M blouse?! When I got this blouse I was totally obsessed with it and I would wear it a lot. But after a while, as with a lot of my clothes, the blouse just disappeared in some dark corner of my wardrobe. I nearly forgot that it existed. Then I cleaned out my wardrobe (damn, this is hard! Is it for you just as difficult as for me to get rid of some clothes??!) and found it again. Just like the first time when I saw it I fell in love with it again and with the also nearly forgotten shorts from Zara I created a new outfit out of old items. I hope you like it!

shorts: Zara (old), blouse: Isabel Marant for H&M, sandals: Mango, necklace: Bijou Brigitte

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