Fringes & Black



I’m in love. I’m in love with a dress. It is black, it has fringes and it feels perfect on the skin. The perfect combination. Yes, I am talking about this beautiful dress you’re seeing here. I saw it hanging in our showroom and I knew I had to show it to you.

The dress┬áhas a straight T-shirt like cut and since it is black it’s not that special either, but the fringe does all the work to make it extraordinary.

I’m a huge fan of fringe and suede leather. It’s not real leather though, still it looks amazing. Somehow fringes always give me a kind of boho hippie feeling which I really love. In summer I would have styled it way more colorful. Oh summer, I can’t wait for you to finally come!

Wishing you a fabulous weekend! By the way, the dress is from Minimum, what else ­čśë







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22 thoughts on “Fringes & Black

  1. Dein Outfit ist wirklich klasse & steht dir hervorragend. Die Schuhe sind leider nicht so ganz meins!
    Bei mir kannst du ├╝brigens gerade eine Urban Decay Palette gewinnen.


    • Vielen Dank, Laura! Die sind von G├Ârtz, allerdings schon aus dem letzten Jahr. Aber bei G├Ârtz finde ich wirklich immer die tollsten Stiefel! Hab ein sch├Ânes Wochenende!

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