Five (business) women to admire

Who run the world – these girls
and what we can learn from them

These women could probably rule the world. They are smart, confident and they go for what they want. They are a real source of inspiration and we can all learn one or another thing from them. These are five totally different women but they have all achieved great things and worked their way up. For that they deserve our full admiration.

Heidi Klum: The supermodel’s got it all: she is smart, tough and sexy.
We all know that  famous Sports Illustrated cover that made Heidi famous. Afterwards everything seemed to run by itself: she became a Victoria’s Secret model, smiled from the most important magazines and became the face for many brands just like Braun, Astor Cosmetics or Schwarzkopf.  Now, being in her forties, she is busy as ever hosting TV shows, designing sportswear and on top of that being a full time mum.
With all that success she always kept her feet on the ground and never took anything for granted. She has worked very hard to establish the brand Heidi Klum and now she is more successful than ever and there is no end in sight. So what we can learn from this power woman is that discipline is the key. If you really want something go for it and don’t let anybody stop you!

Angelina Jolie: This woman is gonna save the world. Her aid for the unprivileged people in the world is infinit. For that she also puts herself in danger and travels to the most hazardous countries in the world where she meets with refugees or victims of natural disasters.
Jolie first became aware of the misery while filming Tomb Raider in 2001. Eventually she became a UN goodwill ambassador. Since then she has tried to sensibilize the public for the poverty and misery of others. She shows us that it is important to raise the voice and talk about what’s going wrong in the world. Everybody can make an impact!

Waries Dirie: Waries Diries has suffered from a hard fate. With five the woman born in Somalia became the victim of female genital mutilation. This procedure usually involves cutting off the clitoris and some of the labia.
At the age of 13 Waries Dirie was supposed to marry  a 60-years-old man. But she wasn’t the typical daughter a traditional father would dream of – she was headstrong and willful and so she fled from Africa to London. She made a living working as a housemaid and doing several other jobs. At that time she was spotted by a photographer who saw her potential as a model. Modelling though wasn’t her passion so the brave young woman took the attention she got for modelling as a springboard to talk about what she really cared about – female genital mutilation. Eventually she set up her own foundation called “Desert Flower Foundation” with which she wants to sensibilize people for female genital mutilation and help those affected. This courageous woman has used her opportunity to empower and liberate others who suffer from the same fate. So however bad and unfair your fate seems you got the chance to make it better and even help and inspire other by talking about your story.

Kate Middleton: She is the Duchess of Camebrige and married to the heir of the british throne. This surely isn’t an easy job especially when she has to fill someone’s shoes just as big as Princess Dianas. However since her marriage in 2011 to Prince William she handles all her given tasks with grace and charm. She has won the hearts of everybody in the shortest of time. Now she is very socially commited and has always appeared as a kindhearted strong woman. So however difficult a task can be, handle it with grace and charm and you will win the hearts of everyone!

Oprah Winfrey: From rags to riches – or the american dream, is a story written for Oprah. She rose from being unimaginably poor to the world’s first self-made billionaire. However she has never forgotten where she comes from. Consequently her charity work is beyond impressive and inspiring. She’s founded the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls where underprivileged girls from South Africa are educated. Then there would be Oprah’s Angels and she also personally donates for the good cause. It’s outstanding what she has achieved by working hard and always believing in herself. She shows us all that the american dream really exists and that everybody can make it by working hard and being disciplined! 

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