Fashion meets Art

The Fendi girl is sporty, urban and full of joy de vivre

It’s not an uncommon thing that the world of fashion and the world of art collide. Many designers have turned to the art world for inspiration. Fendi’s offering for resort 2015 is no exception here.

The designer surprises with unexpected mixing of prints and bright colors that take us back into the 70es and the world of Pop Art. The textures the designers used were very rich with soft pleats added that brought a feminine touch.

Most of the collection definitely is on the sporty side. However, there are plenty of more ladylike designs too. From structured dresses for the strong, urban woman to very feminine and romantic floral gowns. It’s this mix of femininity and sporty androgyny that make this collection stand out. Here everyone will find something.

For pictures of the collection: bloginvoga

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