Fabulous Las Vegas

Las Vegas was in one word Fabulous! It’s just awesome when you drive through the desert for such a long time and suddenly there rises a city, like out of the blue.

In this city you have the impression that everything is possible, life is just good. People are shopping, playing in one of the many casinos or are relaxing or partying at the pool. And of course everybody looks fabulous.

The evening is the best time to take a little stroll. The heat is now bearable and all the lights are just breathtaking. ┬áSince all the hotels have different themes it’s really amazing to visit “your favorite city”. I really loved the Venetian. The hotel was huge with awesome stores. Of course the role model here was Venice. They even had a sewer running through the hotel on which you could take gondola tours. You could also have a drink or dinner in one of the lovely restaurants which looked like they were taken out of Venice and put right into the hotel. They even constructed a sky during dawn. It just looked stunning.

Since it was my birthday in Vegas and everybody was dressed up anyway I also decided to go for something chic. In the evening I wore a black dress which I got in Australia. Unfortunately my heels went missing so I had to dress it down a little wearing sneakers and a leather jacket. During the day I loved my Warehouse┬ádress which I wore with a Levi’s belt. I really love the pattern of this dress. What do you think?

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