Do you express yourself?

IMG_4104It’s said that fashion has always existed as a medium to express oneself. Our society is increasingly focused upon image and the single greatest influence on a first impression is in most cases someone’s physical appearance. But does what you choose to wear define who you are?

Most certainly people make assumptions about you based on what they see. Are you dressed bold, a little crazy or rather like a wallflower? Seeing your outer appearance, they will draw conclusions upon your character.

Fashion has always been used as a tool to impress, shock, dazzle and awe, I don’t argue that. Further, I don’t doubt that fashion is used to express oneself. Being a sociologist, I know about the role fashion has had in the past. I have always been fascinated by how women used fashion after World War I to present themselves and to show a different side of them. Every different era seems to have a different trend that represents an attitude during that time.

Last week I read a blog article about how fashion helps you to express yourself. That made me wonder: Do I express myself through fashion? Do people know who I am just by looking at my clothes?
Walking down the streets of Berlin and looking at other people, I wonder the same: Do they all wear the clothes they’re wearing because they want to make a point about themselves? I honestly doubt it. I talked to a colleague about it and asked her the same question: Do you express yourself through the outfit you’re wearing today? She laughed at me and told me: Well, through my outfit today I only want to express that I am tired because I got up late, was in a rush and pulled the first best outfit.

My conclusion upon all this? I have different ways of expressing myself and while I think that fashion has the power to make a statement about you, I don’t really think that I am expressing myself through my outfit. Maybe I am just not philosophical enough about this subject, but I am wearing what I like without thinking about what I want to express today.

What about you? Do you express yourself through whatever you are wearing or how do you decide what to wear during the day?

Wearing this outfit today, I just want to express that I love the off-shoulder trend. Does that tell anything about me? I don’t know, that’s your guess 😉

The top is from H&M, skirt is from Mango (old), choker from Etsy and sneakers from H&M.








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38 thoughts on “Do you express yourself?

  1. Idk I think this is a rather hard topic to talk about because well sometimes I do want to prove a point when wearing a specific outfit but sometimes i just don’t care at all and put on the next best thing I find. I do think, however, that our taste in fashion does tell a little about ourselves. Like for example someone wearing crazy colours, or extraordinary cuts might be a really bold person.

    Love, Kerstin

    • Hi Kerstin, thanks for your comment! Yes, I totally agree that fashion tells a lot about a person. I just doubt that everybody styles their outfits so consciously as to say that I express myself through fashion. I guess it’s a rather unconscious act.
      Have a great day! Yours, Liesa

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