IMG_3691This season’s it pants are definitely culottes. Who would have thought that after they first appeared in summer, they would be lasting in winter as well? I mean, it’s actually against all logic. We’ve seen them with bare legs in summer so they didn’t really look like the perfect choice in winter. And yet they are. Culottes are the perfect pants to get you through the winter in the most fashionable way. It’s like wearing a skirt in winter. Just wear them with tights and you’re good to go.

Since I am quite small, it took me a while to find the perfect culottes. If they are too long I honestly look like I shrunk. So I was looking for culottes that ended just a little under my knee. I finally found the perfect pants at Zara and they were on sale! How lucky am I?! Then I rushed over to Pinterest to get some inspiration on how to style them and this is the result. I hope you like it!

What do you think about culottes? Do you think they are here to last for a while or is it just a short trend that will be over in a bit?

Culottes: Zara (similar)
knit: H&M (similar)
boots: Tamaris (similar)
scarf: Bijou Brigitte (similar)




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