A coat as a dress? Yes, please!

IMG_4058I told you already about the lacking items in my closet and revealed some of my tricks to solve this problem. I don’t like to be wasteful when it comes to clothes and I don’t have a fortune to spend on new pieces. Thus, I always try to be creative with the things I have. Today I want to show you my styling idea for a coat I bought last year.

Is it a coat, or is it a dress? Oh I love versatile fashion! Don’t you too? If you want to get more out of your favorite outerwear, the solution is easy: zip it up or button it up and wear your favorite coat as a dress. Paired with boots and maybe a coat on top of the coat it’s the perfect winter outfit. In summer you can opt for high heels and sandals. I wanted a little change in style and so I went for white sneakers to a rather chic coat and belt. I hope you like my idea!

By the way, by the time you read this I’ll already be in New York :) You can follow me there via Instagram, you can find me as thefashionplaybook :)







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