Vietnam Travel Diary Part 3

Hi guys, so the third part of my Vietnam travel diary is actually gonna be the last part. After it had been raining in Hoi An for days, we left this cute little village very abruptly and flew to Ho Chi Minh. Hotels there are rather expensive, thus we decided to go for a hostel this time. We found a really nice and most important clean one which was called New Saigon Hostel. We spent the night in a six bed dorm which had a private bathroom. It cost around 6 Euro per person per night and had breakfast included. The hostel was right in the backpacker district, thus we had bars, cafés and restaurants right in front of the door.

Ben Tanh Market

The next day our first stop was the Ben Tanh Market. We took a taxi to get there because it is almost impossible to walk in Ho Chi Minh City let alone take the motorbike. People simply drive everywhere and the smog is even worse than in Hanoi. Sometimes I was just praying for a short moment of silence which of course never happened.
Ben Tanh market is really interesting to see. You’ll get everything there from food to clothes, shoes, bags, dvds,… And of course as you would expect almost everything is fake. However, I preferred the night market. It was way cheaper and people were not as importunate as at Ben Tanh market.

Ho Chi Minh city www.thefashionplaybook.deHo Chi Minh City is huge and as I said before, the smog situation is horrible. Compared to Hanoi it looks definitely more western. You can even find a Pizza Hut here. However, if you ask me, that’s also a reason why this city is not as charming as Hanoi. The houses look deteriorated with the exception of some really big, western office-like buildings.



The Vietnam War Remnants Museum

A must-see when in Ho Chi Minh City is the Vietnam War Remnants museum which only costs around a dollar. Only few museums convey the brutality of the war, the losses and the effects as concrete as the Vietnam War Remnants museum. On four floors you will learn a lot about the backgrounds of the war, how it all began and how it all ended. Very impressive is also the section about war journalists who died while on the mission to report about the brutality, the fear and the circumstances of this war. The most shocking for me however, was the ground floor devoted to photographs of the victims from the use of chemical weapons. I saw pictures of such horrible mutilations, not in my wildest dreams I would have thought that people suffering from such deformation could even live. And of course you can still see the effects of the use of chemical weapons. We saw a boy who was maybe 16 years and he didn’t have eyeballs. Still he was playing the keyboard in the museum. That’s so impressive. In the end however, I couldn’t take all this pain and fear in the pictures anymore and had to leave.

Leaving for Mui Ne

From Ho Chi Minh we took the train to Mui Ne, which took us around five hours and cost 3 Dollars. We wanted to spend our last days of holidays at the beach which was the best decision ever. Mui Ne is also very popular among russian people, therefore you will much rather get a menu in vietnamese and russian than in english.

Mui Ne Beach

Hotels are quite expensive in Mui Ne, as you would expect for such a popular tourist area. We ended up in the Mui Ne hills hotel which consists of three different “classes”: budget, bliss and villa. Even if you went for budget you can still use all the other facilities, it only differs in the rooms. We chose the budget version and payed around 23 dollars per night which was really ok. The room itself was nice enough though the bathroom wasn’t really pleasing. It was very sterile and didn’t have a window or a an aeration. This became noticeable quite soon and the smell in the room wasn’t bearable anymore at the end of the day. The management however was really helpful and they gave us an upgrade to the bliss hotel which had a perfect room. Also the pool area was really nice and not too crowded. The hotel was a 10 minutes walk away from the beach, passing some really, really good street food places which were very cheap though the food was so delicious!


At the beach we were facing some troubles though. Every hotel has a beach area for their guests and since it’s hotel next to hotel there is almost no place left for tourists coming from hotels that don’t have a beach entrance unless you are willing to lay down in the burning sun and in the middle of the beach. Unfortunately you can’t just take a sun bed from any hotel or sneak in somehow either because there are security men everywhere. We tried to talk to them and negotiate a price for two sun beds. They all wanted 10 Dollar per day and per sun bed which adds up to 20 Dollar only for a sun bed. If you add that up to the price you pay for the hotel, you can just take a more expensive hotel with beach entrance, it will end up the same.



Kitesurfing in Mui Ne

For those who are into water sport Mui Ne is the place to be. It is very popular for kitesurfing so the place is packed with surfers. However, lessons are not cheap. A 5 hours beginner course costs around 250 Dollars. Still it looks so cool and like so much fun when surfers take their waves.
Another great thing in Mui Ne is getting a massage. They offer every kind of massage, from a classic neck and shoulder massage to hot stone, detox or mud massages. And boy are they cheap. For one hour you pay around 7 dollars. I definitely should have taken more massages!

Kitsurfing in Mui Ne

Of course we also rented a motorbike again to drive to the red and the white sand dunes. After around 45 minutes we reached the red sand dune which really looked amazing. However, we heard that the white one was supposed to be even more impressive so we also wanted to see that. However, we never made it because on our way we were stopped from a police man. He wanted to see our drivers license which we showed him. We even had an international drivers license with us but still he insisted that we were not allowed to drive the motorbike. I knew for sure that we were allowed and tried to explain it to him, but there was nothing I could do. And honestly, what are you supposed to do when you’re in a different country and you don’t know how the system works. In the end we ended up paying him 25 Dollars which I am sure he took into his own pockets and then we were allowed to drive on. He said he would make sure that we aren’t gonna be stopped again but somehow we didn’t trust him 😉 So we returned to the hotel.



Mui Ne marked the last stop on our trip. I can only highly recommend a trip to Vietnam, it’s such a beautiful country! All in all it was an exhausting trip, but so worth it. The experiences you’ll make, the beauty of the country and the people you’ll meet will make up for that. I for sure had an unforgettable trip and hope I can visit this beautiful country again someday.


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Vietnam Travel Diary Part two

Finally, with a lot of delay, I want to tell you more about my experiences in Vietnam. After we returned from Ninh Binh to Hanoi we headed to Danang  by plane. We only stayed there one night and didn’t really get deeper into visiting the region more though it had a lovely beach and really cute cafés. However, our destination was Hue, Vietnam’s old capital. So the next day we took the train which again cost around 3 $ per person. The ride took as about 2,5 hours. While driving, we passed abandoned beaches and big rocks. It was really fascinating.


After we arrived at our hotel all we wanted was dinner. For the first time we experienced real vietnamese food, not the one that you would sell to tourists as vietnamese food, but really typical dishes. One dish we tried is called Banh Beo. We have never before seen anything like it and of course didn’t have a clue of how to eat it. It looked like some slimy mass with a cracker on top. The cracker turned out to be pieces of shrimp and the slimy mass was overcooked rice which you would eat with fish sauce. And though it looked really weird it almost tasted good 😉 Another thing we tried was Banh Xeo (rice pancakes). They were so good! Not in the slightest to be compared to western pancakes.
With full stomaches we continued to look for a bar, which wasn’t hard to find because there are so many and really great ones!


The next day we rented a motorbike and drove to the imperial city. The entrance fee was quite high (25$ for the citadel and two tombstones of old emperors) but absolutely worth it. It was such a gigantic piece of culture.
The imperial city used to be the walled fortress and palace of the Nguyen dynasty, who presented the emperors between 1802 and 1945. However, during the Vietnam War the citadel suffered from severe damages. Today, the imperial city is being rebuilt so you get to see huge pagodas, pavilions, traditional gates and impressive walls. But of course reconstruction is still in process so there is a lot left to your imagination which I personally really enjoyed. Afterwards we drove off to see the two graves of the emperors (Khai Dinh and Minh Mang). It was a pretty long drive but when we arrived we got to see real vietnamese glory. The graves were adorned so beautifully in so many different colors and with such an eye for details, it was really impressive.





The next morning we decided to go to Hoi An by motorbike. Luckily, everything seems to be possible in Vietnam because we decided very last minute to go on our own and of course we had our huge backpack. But the hotel staff was really helpful and they brought it to Hoi An for us for only 2$ and the motorbike was only 25$ for a one way tour. Usually you need around 3 hours by bus for 140 km to Hoi An but of course we needed some more time. Also because we really enjoyed the look we had on the ocean, it was fantastic! My back however hurt like crazy and also driving the bike in the ‘real world’ and not in some lonely village is a totally different pair of shoes. Sometimes I was really scared! Additionally, I forgot to put on sunscreen on my legs which at the end of the day were really burnt.



In the evening we arrived in Hoi An. Hoi An is the tailor city in Vietnam. If you want something tailored, this is the place to be. Of course I also had something in mind. I got two coats and a pair of culottes and I am totally happy about the result! If you don’t want anything tailored and just go shopping that’s also great, Hoi An has so many lovely shops. In the evening we went down the river and I was absolutely stunned by the view I was offered: there were chinese lanterns everywhere and candles flowing on the river. It was such a pretty picture. There was also a cute little market where you could by the prettiest accessorize.
I also have to tell you about our hotel. It was called Tra Que Riverside and it has only opened a few month ago. The rooms look stunning! There is a big balcony with palm trees in front of it and a very stylish coffee corner but the real highlight was the bathroom! There was a rainforest shower and a freestanding bath just in front of the huge window! Everything was out of real stone, even the sinks. I must admit I have never been in such a fancy hotel. It also had a really nice pool although I didn’t have to use it that often because the beach was really close and I always prefer the beach!







The next day, though it was raining like crazy, we rented a motorbike again and drove to the My Son Sanctuary. The rain didn’t exactly make it easier for us to reach our final destination and it took as around two hours to finally get to the sanctuary, including a scary passing the river in a small boat experience. But in the end we made it and I am so happy about it because My Son Sanctuary was probably one of my highlights during our trip. The sanctuary dates back to the 4th until the 13th century, constructed by the kings of Champa, owning its spiritual origins to the Hinduism. There used to be 71 temples, however, a lot of its architecture was destroyed during the Vietnam War. Today there are only 8 temples and you can only guess how enormous the political and religious capital of the Champa Kingdom must have been.



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Vietnam Diary Part one

Hi guys, as promised I finally want to share everything about my trip to Vietnam with you. Let me say this first: It was amazing! I was a little nervous about going to Asia I have to admit, but it was simply incredible.

We started our trip in Hanoi, which is the capital of Vietnam with more than 6 million inhabitants. When we got there I was so tired from our 17 hour flight that I really wasn’t capable of coping with all the hassle in the city. It was loud, it was full of motorbikes and it was freaking hot. After a good long sleep though, I was finally able to appreciate the city. Yes, it is loud and busy and yes, it doesn’t smell too good. BUT: The houses in Hanoi are so pretty. Most of them are quite old and a little deteriorated, but they still have their own individual charm. It reminded me of those old houses in colonial style. Also, there were so many cute cafés and stores, I really didn’t expect that. Of course you could also find those typical street markets in Hanoi, which I found hard to deal with. From all the different food the smell there was really unbearable and we saw so many animals in cages wich were about to be killed, it was so sad. Still it was an experience. What was really great about the markets though, were the different fruits they sold there. You could get everything there and it tasted so different from german food because it was just really fresh.





Lantern Lounge in Hanoi

From Hanoi we traveled to Sapa, Lao Cai. It’s an eight hour train ride to get there and we took a sleeping compartment as our journey started at nine in the evening. This was honestly no fun. The ride was so bumpy, the air conditioner was either blowing in our faces or they stopped it completely which left us with no air at all. And as in most trains the toilets were a disaster. However, it’s the best way to get to Sapa, which you definitely shouldn’t miss on your journey. For a train ticket it is best to go to the train station yourself. Of course you can also purchase tickets online or at your hotel, but then they are much more expensive. We only paid 20 $ per Ticket while the more comfortable way leaves you with a 43 $ bill.

From Lao Cai train station it’s an approximately one hour bus ride. I was so tired I just wanted to sleep but I honestly couldn’t get my eyes of the beautiful landscape. I have never in my life seen something similar. Everything was so green, you could see ricefields and mountains and the early sun bathed the landscape in such a beautiful color.
When we arrived at Sapa station, a dozen of screaming women welcomed us. Those are the so called Hamong women, an indigene tribe in Asia. They sell the most beautiful fabrics and offer tours through the ricefields and to their homes. After checking in to our hotel we needed some breakfast, which led us to the café Sapa O’Chau. However, Sapa O’Chau is not only a café, but an organisation for the education of children. They also offer homestays, tours and typical Hamong products. Thus, every product you buy, every tour you take part in and every coffee you drink helps to better educate children in Sapa. I was really impressed by how business oriented those women were.

We stayed in Sapa for two nights and had the best time ever. We rent a motorbike to go to the different villages in Sapa, such as Lao Chai or Cat Cat. I can’t even describe in proper words how unique this experience was. It was not only the ricefields and those beautiful green colors that took my breath away. There were animals everywhere, from dogs to ducks, pigs and bulls, they were simply walking on those streets, something that is so normal for people living there and yet so strange and unbelievable for us. The houses, where those people lived in, were so basic. Even less than basic most of the time. But what impressed me the most were the people we met during our trip. There were so many children and they were playing football with bottle caps or chinese jump rope and they were so happy when they saw us driving by, always greeting us and trying out there english. And they just seemed so happy although their life standard doesn’t even come close to our western ones. I was really touched by that.

IMG_0077 IMG_0074 IMG_0066 IMG_0064 IMG_0061 IMG_0059 IMG_0058 IMG_0057 IMG_0056 IMG_0051 IMG_0049 IMG_0038 IMG_0032 IMG_0023 IMG_0019 IMG_0016

From Sapa we took the train back to Hanoi and took the next train to Ninh Binh which cost around 3 $ if you buy the ticket at the train station and takes around 2,5 hours. Ninh Binh is said to be the dry Halong Bay. As we didn’t go to Halong Bay, because we think it is just too touristic, it was nice to see something comparable. For me, it was a good choice, because Ninh Binh was really nice and not as touristic. All those rocks and lakes looked really amazing and there were palm trees and animals everywhere. Of course we also did a boat tour in Trang An (a village in Ninh Binh), passing giant rocks, temples and driving through caves. Such a tour cost around 6 $ per person and is totally worth the money. Again, we rent a motorbike and drove to the Mua caves. There we walked up the Lying Dragon and had the most amazing view over Ninh Binh. From there we made it to Tam Coc, another little village and a more touristic but still very nice one. There are plenty of little shops and restaurants and of course you can also do a boat trip there. We also visited the Bich Dong Pagoda there. From there you had a really nice view over Tam Coc and it was really interesting to see that the buddha was in a cave. When we made our way back it was already starting to get dark which made it kind of scary to go back through the cave. But of course it was our only way out.

IMG_0103 IMG_0093 IMG_0089 IMG_0088 IMG_0087 IMG_0080Our home in Ninh Binh. The cutest bamboo houses ever.

Next wednesday I’m gonna tell you more about my travel in central Vietnam.

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Store Locator: Sissy boy Amsterdam

IMG_0779During my last visit of Amsterdam I found another great concept store (surprise surprise) which is called Sissy boy. I almost forgot to write about it but when I was going through my pictures of the trip I remembered again. Sissy boy however, isn’t a store you forget that easily since it offers so many great products. I just loved it. They had everything from clothes over decoration to furniture. I must admit, I am a big addict when it comes to tableware so for me Sissy boy was pure heaven. Also the pillows, carpets and blankets were amazing. They came in all colors, shapes and patterns. If you’re looking for a nice christmas gift or just a gift for your best friend, this is your store to go to.

Während meines letzten Amsterdam-Trips habe ich mal wieder einen neuen, großartigen Concept store entdeckt (Überraschung!), der Sissy boy heißt. Ich hätte den Laden doch tatsächlich fast vergessen, aber als ich so durch meine Fotos des Trips durchgegangen bin, ist er mir wieder eingefallen. Eigentlich aber ist Sissy boy tatsächlich kein Laden, den man so schnell vergisst, denn es gibt so viel Tolles zu entdecken! Ich habe den Laden vom ersten Moment an geliebt! Dort gab es einfach alles, von Kleidung über Deko-Artikel bis hin zu Möbeln. Ich muss gestehen, dass ich absolut süchtig bin nach schönen Tassen, Schalen und Tellern, daher war Sissy boy für mich der Himmel auf Erden. Auch die Kissen, Teppiche und Decken waren super schön. Die Farben und Muster haben mich echt umgehauen, da konnte ich mich gar nicht entscheiden. Wenn ihr also auf der Suche nach einem Weihnachtsgeschenk seid oder eure beste Freundin beschenken wollt, ist das euer Laden!




Where to find Sissy boy:

Utrechtsestraat 81-83
1017 VK Amsterdam


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Store Locator: Voo Berlin

03I just recently discovered Voo Berlin whilst searching for great concept stores in Berlin. I had no idea that I would find such a treasure. Voo has all the best brands: Acne Studio, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel or MM6 Maison Margiela. I was absolutely stunned. And not less by the cool interior of that store. It looks like an old fabric with lots of steal and hard wood. They even have an own café, so if you’re done with all the shopping you can relax a bit.
Besides from clothing Voo Berlin also sells shoes, accessories, books, candles and much more. There definitely is a lot to discover!

Ich habe Voo Berlin erst vor kurzem entdeckt, als ich wieder auf der Suche nach tollen neuen Concept Stores war. Ich hatte ja keine Ahnung, auf welch einen Schatz ich gestoßen bin. Bei Voo findet ihr sämtliche tolle Marken: Acne Studio, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, MM6  Maison Margiela und noch viele, viele mehr. Ich war absolut begeistert. Dazu kommt das einzigartige Design des Stores. Es sieht aus wie ein altes Fabrikgebäude (vielleicht ist es das auch) mit viel Stahl und Echtholz. Es gibt sogar ein eigenes Café. Solltet ihr also geschafft sein vom Shoppen, könnt ihr euch dort entspannen.
Neben Kleidung gibt es im Voo Berlin übrigens auch noch Schuhe, Accessories, Bücher, Kerzen und vieles, vieles mehr. Hier gibt es wirklich einiges zu entdecken!




Where to find Voo Berlin:

Oranienstraße 24
10999 Berlin

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Store Locator: Tom Greyhound

TOM-GREYHOUND-SEPT-2015-1-HRTom Greyhound is the new Korean concept store by Hyundai Store Department Group which has opened in the famous quartier Marais in Paris. The boutique offers some of the biggest designers in the world such as Alexander Wang, Marni or Phillip Lim which hang on the racks together with upcoming talents. The eclectic array of creations goes very well together with the stores sophisticated and elegant décor. It looks really amazing in there!

Tom Greyhound ist der neue koranische Concept Store der Hyundai Store Department Group, der im berühmten Viertel Marais seine Türen geöffnet hat. In der chicen Boutique gibt es einige der größten Designer weltweit zu kaufen, wie etwa Alexander Wang, Marni oder Phillip Lim. Die großen Namen hängen hier zusammen mit aufstrebenden Talenten. Die großartigen Designer-Kreationen passen perfekt zum eleganten Décor der Boutique. Es sieht wirklich fantastisch aus!




Where to find Tom Greyhound:

19, rue de Saintonge
75003 Paris France

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Store Locator: Simon & Renoldi

[:en]Simon and Renoldi is a great concept store in Cologne. The chic store offers handpicked Designer clothes in a great mix that really stands out from other luxury stores. You can find clothes from designers like Helmut Lang, lala Berlin or Denham, just to name a few. The staff is really nice and helpful and the lovely interior makes you really feel welcome in this store.

[:de]Simon-und-Renoldi-5160-BESTSimon & Renoldi is a great concept store in Cologne. The chic store offers handpicked Designer clothes in a great mix that really stands out from other luxury stores. You can find clothes from designers like Helmut Lang, lala Berlin or Denham, just to name a few. The staff is really nice and helpful and the lovely interior makes you really feel welcome in this store.

Simon & Renoldi ist ein toller Concept Store in Köln. In dem chicen Store findet ihr handverlesene Designer Kleidung in einem tollen Mix, der sich wirklich von anderen Luxus-Läden unterscheidet. Zu kaufen gibt es Kleidung von Marken wie Helmut Lang, lala Berlin oder Denham, nur um ein paar zu nennen. Auch der Service ist sehr gut und durch die hübsche Gestaltung des Ladens fühlt man sich sofort willkommen.


Where to find Simon & Renoldi:

Maastrichter Strasse 17
50672 Cologne, Germany[:]

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Dose of coffee: Brasserie PIT

IMG_0493I went to PIT only to escape from the rain and yet I found a really cool new location in Amsterdam. You can actually come here for breakfast, lunch, coffee and drinks and choose from a big menu. The prices are not the lowest though and to be honest, I wouldn’t go for food there.

What really stands out at this place though is the decoration. PIT is a really fun and colorful place with a quirky interior. There are lots of steal objects on the wall as well as lots of pictures which makes the place really unique.

Bei meinem Versuch in Amsterdam dem Regen zu entkommen, bin ich auf ein cooles neues Café gestoßen. Wie in vielen Cafés gibt es dort nicht nur Kaffee und Frühstück, sondern auch Lunch und Drinks. Die Speisekarte ist reichhaltig und für mich gab es sogar einen Pfannekuchen. Die Preise sind allerdings nicht die niedrigsten und ich muss gestehen, ich würde wohl nicht noch einmal in dem Café essen.

Was allerdings wirklich cool ist, ist die Aufmachung des Cafés. PIT ist sehr bunt mit witziger Deko an der Wand. Überall hängen Stahl-Pferdeköpfe, Bilder und andere Figuren, was das Café wirklich einzigartig macht. Daher wollte ich euch PIT unbedingt noch vorstellen, auch wenn es für mich, wie gesagt, kein Café ist, wo ich noch einmal essen würde.




Where you’ll find PIT:

Vijzelstraat 103
1017 HH Amsterdam


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Dose of coffee: Coffee & Coconuts

IMG_1610Coffee & Coconuts – probably not the first combination I am thinking of when it comes to coffee. Still it works really well as proven by the fabulous café Coffee & Coconuts in Amsterdam. This huge two-story café, which is located in a former cinema from the 20s, is pure paradise for coffee lovers and those who enjoy good food and delicious appetizers.

The atmosphere in this café is really exceptional with wooden tables hanging from ropes, white chairs, cosy sofas and grey beanbags.

Also the menu is very well thought through. The food is mostly made of organic ingredients. They serve, of course, coffee and you can even drink coconut milk from a coconut. That goes along very well with a sandwich or a piece of cake, some of it is even glutenfree. The juices are freshly made and also the choice for breakfast is pretty good. Being in this café will definitely give you the feeling of vacation.

Coffee & Coconuts – wohl eher nicht die erste Kombination an die ich denke, wenn ich Kaffee im Kopf habe. Trotzdem funktioniert das Konzept ziemlich gut, wie das Café Coffee & Coconuts in Amsterdam bewiesen hat. Das riesige zwei-stöckige Café, das sich in einem alten Kino aus den Zwanzigern befindet, ist ein Paradies für Kaffeeliebhaber und alle, die gutes Essen und leckere Appetizer schätzen.

Die Atmosphäre in dem Café ist wirklich außergewöhnlich mit hölzernen Tischen, die von Seilen hängen, weißen Stühlen, gemütlichen Sofas und grauen Sitzsäcken.

Auch die Menükarte ist sehr gut durchdacht. Die meisten Mahlzeiten werden aus organischen Zutaten zubereitet. Es gibt, natürlich, eine riesige Auswahl an Kaffee und man kann sogar Kokosnuss Milch aus einer echten Kokosnuss trinken. Der Kaffee passt sehr gut mit einem leckeren Sandwiche oder einem Stückchen Kuchen, teilweise sind diese sogar glutenfrei. Die Säfte werden frisch zubereitet und auch das Frühstücksangebot kann sich sehen lassen. Ein Nachmittag in diesem Café gibt einen auf jeden Fall ein schönes Urlaubsgefühl.




Where to find Coffee & Coconuts:

Ceintuurbaan 282-284
1072 LR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Store Locator: Sukha in Amsterdam

sukha-1As every friday I want to present you another concept store. This time: Sukha in Amsterdam. Sukha is a very stylish store that sells everything from clothing, over accessories to interior items, to knits or paperwork. When I fist passed the store what really got me hooked was the swing in the middle of the room as well as the great design of the store. Everything is kept very clean, very white and woddy which matches perfectly the owners ecological thinking.

Sukha means “joy of life” in Sanskrit and you can sense that in every of their products. Behind the owners product line-up stands a really nice story: founders and designers themselves, Irene Mertens and Sam IJsbrandy, travelled to the poorest regions in Nepal and India and together with local communities they developed the atelier Sukha product line-up. This way, they stimulate the countries economy and provide for fair wages.

Wie jeden Freitag möchte ich euch heute einen weiteren Concept store vorstellen: Sukha in Amsterdam. Sukha ist ein wirklich stylisher Shop, der von Kleidung über Accessories hin zu Inneneinrichtung und Papierbedarf wirklich alles im Sortiment hat. Als ich zum ersten mal an dem Laden vorbei gelaufen bin, ist mir als erstes die Schaukel aufgefallen, die mitten im Raum hängt. Auch das großartige Design des Stores hat mich sofort überzeugt. Alles ist sehr clean, weiß und hölzern gehalten, was wunderbar zum ökologischen Denken der Geschäftsinhaber passt.

Sukha bedeutet übersetzt Lebensfreude und die kann man in all den Produkten spüren. Hinter den Produkten steht nämlich eine wirklich schöne Geschichte: Die Gründer und selbst Designer, Irene Mertens und Sam IJsbrandy sind in die ärmsten Regionen Nepals und Indiens gereist und haben dort zusammen mit Einheimischen die Produkte für das Atelier entwickelt. Auf diese Weise kurbeln sie die dortige Wirtschaft an und sorgen zudem für faire Löhne.







Where to find Sukha:

Houtmankade 16 huis
1013 MX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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