Birds, birds, birds

IMG_4764If you’ve been following my blog long enough now, you know that I am not someone who goes for bold colors. I like it monochrome. However, somehow this bomber jacket caught my attention. Maybe it’s because finally spring is in the air that I am suddenly looking for a few colors in my outfit. What do you think of the jacket?

I am wearing: bomber jacket (Asos), jeans (Levi’s), top (H&M, old), heels (Schutz), watch (Nicole Vienna), sunnies (Ray Ban)







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28 thoughts on “Birds, birds, birds

  1. The jacket it absolutely amazing! I’ve been loving bomber jackets lately, and yours is just perfect. The colors look so great together (and I’m someone who usually goes for monochrome as well!). x Alona

  2. Die Jacke ist einfach wunderschön! Da kannst du ruhig öfter zu knalligen Farben greifen, das steht dir super! Die Fotos machen sofort gute Laune.

    Bussi, Bussi! Monaco Matz

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