Berlin Fashion Week Recap

IMG_3421As you guys might know, it was Fashion Week in Berlin last week. I took part in several events. For me the fashion week marathon began on monday with a conference organized by Zeitmagazin (a well known german magazine) in collaboration with Vogue Germany. The title was „Fashion Reloaded“ and it concerned questions such as „How to be creative in a world where everything has already been there?“. For me that’s a very fascinating topic because also I as a blogger try to go with the trends but at the same time I don’t want to look like 300 other bloggers.


To answer this question, the magazine invited guests from the fashion industry. Rather than a speech, those presentations were built up as little talks and no one less than Germany’s first lady of fashion, Vogue chief editor Christiane Arp, was the one to interview some of the invited guests. That also gave me a fascinating insight into the world of Vogue because you could really imagine her at work, interviewing someone for the magazine.

Three out of the eight talks have impressed me very much. The first was the designer Dorothee Schumacher, interviewed by Christiane Arp. I took a picture of her even before I knew who she was because she looked absolutely stunning. Her outfit was timeless rather than on trend and that really fit her personality so well. She is a business lady but with both feet on the ground. She loves nature and doesn’t think that glamour and a love for nature are mutually exclusive and the best thing for her would be if her brand could stay in the family.

IMG_3424Dorothee Schumacher

The next one was Justin O’Shea, Buying Director at He was such a hilarious dude. Coming from the middle of nowhere in Australia he wasn’t familiar to the world of fashion at all. He didn’t even buy his own clothes but let his mom do the shopping for him. After high school he didn’t really know what to do with his life and so he started to work in a shop for sports ware. When he applied for the job at, which is a marketplace for luxury fashion, he was dressed totally wrong. Thinking back he said people might have thought of him as a bank robber with his black pants and black muscle shirt. Still he got the job and eventually met his fashion idol, who always dressed in suits. That was the day he decided he wanted to look like him. It’s a pity I didn’t get a picture of him because boy did he look good. His style nowadays is really remarkable: elegant suit paired to a whole lot of tattoos, a really long beard and very short hair. He definitely stands out from the crowd.

The last talk was between Christiane Arp and Stefano Pilati, chief designer at Ermenegildo Zegna. This italian guy is exactly how you would picture a designer from Milan. He had a very feminine touch to himself, wearing a Chanel jacket which was rather made for women. But he didn’t care because he likes to play with fashion and said that he never failed in his taste. Teaching taste is his mission. The way he sees it you can teach taste to everybody, but you cannot teach style. You are born with it or not. He also had a very clear attitude towards Instagram, the world of blogging and all the newborn trends. In his opinion, fashion is losing its fascination because there are too many trends. According to him, fashion is saturated. Talking about that he precisely concerned the question of the day: How can we create something new when every trend has already been there?

IMG_3432Stefano Pilati and Christiane Arp

At the end, this question hasn’t really been answered of course. However, it gave fascinating insights into some of the very big fashion players minds. One solution however has been offered: Don’t stop dreaming! Because fashion is a material where dreams are woven inside.

IMG_1398The presenters

Singer Medina as a special guest

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