Listen to your gut feeling

IMG_4542If you read guidebooks on how to start a successful blog, there is always one advise telling you how important it is to blog on a regular basis. Having a successful blog means blogging at least three times a week, so they tell. I’ve tried that since three weeks and I must say, it works.

On the other hand it also puts a lot of pressure on the blogger to produce good content. You don’t want your quality suffer from the quantity you’re posting.

I’m very picky when it comes to my outfits. I don’t feel good in every outfit and I feel like you can tell that from the pictures. This week was a rather busy week with easter and traveling home. I didn’t really have the time to think of what I wanted to pack for home so I just grabbed something thinking that it will be ok. When I wanted to take pictures for my blog I looked into the mirror and didn’t quite feel comfortable. The first thing that came into my mind was: “Shit, you need to have three outfits!”  The more I looked at the outfit the more uncomfortable I felt. And that’s when I thought: “What happened to quality before quantity?!”

That’s when I changed into todays outfit and I feel very good about that even though it means that I cannot show you three outfits this week.

With more competition the pressure on bloggers has increased a lot. You need to post as often as possible but please don’t wear anything twice. And don’t forget to always incorporate at least an It-bag. When you do that, you have climbed the blogger olympus. Brands will get interested in you and sponsor some more outfits.

But what about all those bloggers who can’t afford that? Or don’t want to? What about those who want to be creative and also wear some things more than once? Well, it feels like blogging is no longer a creative outlet but a business and I think that’s very sad. A lot of good, creative bloggers have vanished from the blogging world because of that. And with Instagram, who does read blogs anyway? Are blogs dying out? What do you think? What does the future of bloggers look like?

By the way, after two years also I have given in to the pressure of using Instagram. You can find me here. I hope to see some of you there to also get a better picture of you :)

Today I am wearing my new Levi’s jeans, H&M sneaker, my H&M turtleneck that you know very well by now (similar) and an old cami top (similar).







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Spring trends

Hi guys, for today I created a moodboard to show you what my perfect spring outfit looks like. Despite the fact that I love black, for spring I like to go lighter and opt for the opposite. Most of the time my outfits are either black, grey or white. To get a little color into this look, I chose a denim jacket with patches. I think this spring trend is so much fun. However, as with every trend piece, I wouldn’t invest too much money in it as I am probably only gonna wear it this season.
Another trend that I really love is the netting trend. Those tops and skirt look so sporty especially when paired with a pair of sneakers.

What do you think of this look?


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Running out of time

IMG_4524Time is such a precious thing. Never in my life have I been so aware of time running by so fast. Since I’ve started working full-time the weeks seem to fly by. I leave the apartment in the morning and return to it in the evening. I must admit that most of the time I am so exhausted after a long day at work that I can’t even start to think about after-work-activities let alone sport.

With the time flying by I have also realized that there are still so many things I want to do in my life. I have always been enthusiastic about sport and health, I even wanted to study medicine. Lately I have thought a lot about studying again in this field. I would also love to live some time abroad again, even if it is just for a couple of months. As you know I was in New York City the other week and I absolutely loved it. I would like to challenge myself and live in this vibrant city for some time. And of course I also want a baby eventually and be successful in my job.

I am 27 now and I already feel like I am running out of time. How can that even happen? I am only in my late 20s but somehow society has given me the impression that if I don’t succeed now in terms of both, professional and personal life, I am too old to still make it. It’s ridiculous, it’s always all over the news that people get older and older nowadays. Still we have to rush through our lives and make everything happen as fast as possible. And I am feeling caught right in that trap. If I want to go to New York or if I want to study again, I have to do it now, or I am too old. However, I have just started my new job and it is not so easy to find a decent job here in Berlin. So if I quit, when would I find a new job? Besides, in the eyes of society I am already too old. “What about your pension when you’re old?” is something I get to hear a lot. Or “If you ain’t earn nothing you’ll get nothing from the state for maternity leave.

As a woman there is a lot of pressure on us to make everything in time. We have a biological clock ticking when we’re getting older and instead of getting wiser, sexier, and more successful just as men do, we simply get long into the tooth. And it is really hard to not let that pressure get to you. I’ve been planning my future my whole life and I thought that with 27 I would have everything figured out. Instead I feel more confused than ever.

I’m sorry, I didn’t even want to write such a feminist piece here, but it just happened and now I don’t want to hit the backspace button. What do you think about this subject?

In terms of my outfit: I am wearing my new Levi’s, an old Asos top and an old H&M sweater (similar: love this one, but also this and this). The shoes are from Tamaris, but I guess you know them pretty well by now 😉





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IMG_4405Happy monday everybody! In this outfit I honestly feel like I am going back to college today. I love the current 90s vibe, somehow it gets me really nostalgic. So does this ripped 501 Levi’s. My dad used to wear them all the time and I never thought that they would look just as cool on women or even cooler. The only problem I have with those jeans: when I am not wearing heels with them I feel even smaller than I am. What do you think about this trend? Have a good start into the week!

I am wearing:

  • jacket: Converse (similar also from Converse here)
  • jeans: Levi’s 501
  • sweater: Zara (old)




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Lace-up trend

IMG_4204I love the current lace-up trend. Whether it’s at the front or the side as with this sweater, I don’t care –  I love it.

For this outfit, I got inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Michèle from thefashionfraction. I love her style, especially because she is daring with her outfits and loves to layer. So credit, where credit is due: I wouldn’t possess this fabulous sweater if I hadn’t found it on Michèle’s blog. So thanks for that!

And now it is on hardcore sale here. I hope you like it as much as I do! As for the rest of the outfit: The shirt is from H&M, pants from Review (similar here & here), jacket from Minimum and boots from Görtz (very similar here).







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Center Stage

IMG_4173Have you realized that I am totally obsessed with this turtleneck? I already wore it here, here and here. I am sorry for the lack of variety but it is just such a good layering piece.

I have found this beautiful wrap top in my closet a few days ago and I had totally forgotten about it. I already possess it since ten years, not kidding, but I could never get rid of it. And I remember why now 😉 Somehow I feel like a rock ballerina wearing it with this Levi’s boyfriend jeans and leather jacket over the shoulder. Do you know the movie Center Stage? I always loved this ballerina meets bad boy with leather jacket and motorbike vibe and I am channeling my inner Jody right now in this outfit 😀 What do you think, do you like the top or should I get rid of it?





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About being positive and other challenges

IMG_4132I must admit, I am not the best person to give advice on how to get rid of negative energy. When I did something wrong, I’m playing this scene in my head over and over again, wondering what I could have done differently or better. However, it is important to not let yourself get dragged down by negative feelings.

A little while ago, that was exactly what was happening. I felt really bad about myself and only saw the negative side of things. I felt as if I wasn’t accomplishing enough with my blog, I wasn’t as successful career-wise as I wished I was and of course everybody else around me was doing better.
Eventually I reached the point where I couldn’t even listen to myself complaining anymore. Something had to change. I had to change. And so I tried to develop certain habits that helped me staying a little more positive. Of course there are always set-backs but I try to change every time anew.

Become grateful, especially for the small things
It’s easy to be grateful for big accomplishments. What we tend to overlook, though, are the small things in life that happen to us. Our lives will not  always be filled with huge successes so we need to appreciate the small things in life too.

Laugh more
There are times when our schedule is packed, life gets busy and work feels task-oriented and routine-driven. Sometimes being human can rather feel like being a robot. But this work-driven and serious attitude is what gets us into negative thinking. Try to live life less serious and let yourself of the hook from time to time. Laugh! And as Taylor told us: Shake it off! 😉

What you say is what you believe
If you tell yourself over and over again that you’re not good enough, it’s no wonder that eventually you start to believe it yourself. Because what you tell out loud becomes reality. So how about you start telling yourself how great you are and what you have accomplished instead of where you didn’t succeed? Maybe you’ll start to believe that, too…

As for my outfit, I am wearing flared jeans from New Look (similar), a simple white blouse from H&M, a vest from American Eagle (old) and a skinny scarf from Asos.







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A coat as a dress? Yes, please!

IMG_4058I told you already about the lacking items in my closet and revealed some of my tricks to solve this problem. I don’t like to be wasteful when it comes to clothes and I don’t have a fortune to spend on new pieces. Thus, I always try to be creative with the things I have. Today I want to show you my styling idea for a coat I bought last year.

Is it a coat, or is it a dress? Oh I love versatile fashion! Don’t you too? If you want to get more out of your favorite outerwear, the solution is easy: zip it up or button it up and wear your favorite coat as a dress. Paired with boots and maybe a coat on top of the coat it’s the perfect winter outfit. In summer you can opt for high heels and sandals. I wanted a little change in style and so I went for white sneakers to a rather chic coat and belt. I hope you like my idea!

By the way, by the time you read this I’ll already be in New York :) You can follow me there via Instagram, you can find me as thefashionplaybook :)







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We’re getting wrapped

IMG_4109Wrapped dresses and skirts have been everywhere lately. I’m totally hooked by this trend I have to admit. As always, every trend comes back and so I remember clearly that I used to wear wrapped skirts already as a kid. By that time however, they went to the ankles and were very, very colorful. Today I like it a little more subtle.

I am wearing a skirt from Anna Field, boots from Görtz (very similar here), leather jacket from Minimum and top from Mango.







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Do you express yourself?

IMG_4104It’s said that fashion has always existed as a medium to express oneself. Our society is increasingly focused upon image and the single greatest influence on a first impression is in most cases someone’s physical appearance. But does what you choose to wear define who you are?

Most certainly people make assumptions about you based on what they see. Are you dressed bold, a little crazy or rather like a wallflower? Seeing your outer appearance, they will draw conclusions upon your character.

Fashion has always been used as a tool to impress, shock, dazzle and awe, I don’t argue that. Further, I don’t doubt that fashion is used to express oneself. Being a sociologist, I know about the role fashion has had in the past. I have always been fascinated by how women used fashion after World War I to present themselves and to show a different side of them. Every different era seems to have a different trend that represents an attitude during that time.

Last week I read a blog article about how fashion helps you to express yourself. That made me wonder: Do I express myself through fashion? Do people know who I am just by looking at my clothes?
Walking down the streets of Berlin and looking at other people, I wonder the same: Do they all wear the clothes they’re wearing because they want to make a point about themselves? I honestly doubt it. I talked to a colleague about it and asked her the same question: Do you express yourself through the outfit you’re wearing today? She laughed at me and told me: Well, through my outfit today I only want to express that I am tired because I got up late, was in a rush and pulled the first best outfit.

My conclusion upon all this? I have different ways of expressing myself and while I think that fashion has the power to make a statement about you, I don’t really think that I am expressing myself through my outfit. Maybe I am just not philosophical enough about this subject, but I am wearing what I like without thinking about what I want to express today.

What about you? Do you express yourself through whatever you are wearing or how do you decide what to wear during the day?

Wearing this outfit today, I just want to express that I love the off-shoulder trend. Does that tell anything about me? I don’t know, that’s your guess 😉

The top is from H&M, skirt is from Mango (old), choker from Etsy and sneakers from H&M.








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