Are we all incapable of relationships?

IMG_3859I’ve been in a relationship since I was 21 years old. Now I am 27 and therefore very much a millennial. Still I never really got the real millennial experience. I have never in my life lived alone, experienced the joy or awkwardness of app-dating or dressed up  just to get some cute guy in the last six years.

Looking at my inner circle of peers, most of them haven’t had a longer relationship in years. My boyfriend and I have been the only couple for quite some time. Now I was listening to the radio last week and heard a very interesting talk from an author, who claims that our generation is incapable of relationships. That got me thinking. Are we really incapable of relationships or has it just gotten harder to find someone who is willing to live the same lifestyle and to share a life in a time when you need to be more flexible than ever? I mean, how can you be in a relationship if your job requires a change of place every few years? Or when a woman is told that she can’t have it all – career and family.

And if we’re thinking of fashion? I’ve had a pretty long relationship with some of my clothes. But one that lasted for longer? Well I would say a good jeans is forever and so is a good basic turtleneck just as this grey ripped one. And I don’t believe in monogamy here- you can never have enough basics in your closet! You see, I guess we’re not all incapable of relationships :)

Wishing you a happy weekend!

I am wearing a jeans from Review (similar), turtleneck from H&M, necklace bought via Etsy, Tamaris boots (similar) and dress/blouse from Minimum.





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