All white

A quite common phenomenon for women: I’ve run out of clothes…

Hey guys! I’m really sorry for the radio silence. But to put it in the words of Rihanna, I’ve been running out of clothes. The only difference is unfortunately I don’t have as many clothes as she has…

However, a couple of days ago the postman got me out of my dilemma by bringing me my long desired H&M package with a lot of new stuff to push my imagination for new outfit creations.

And that’s the outcome: I’m wearing my new white skirt which I totally fell in love with. Not only because I’ve become a huge fan of  white (who hasn’t since it’s The Trend this season?!) but also because it has an amazing fabric, don’t you think? I’ve paired it with a pretty old shirt which I actually tailored myself which makes it kind of special to me. And since the pattern on  it slightly remind me of boho I had to also wear my new necklace by H&M. I hope you guys like it and stay tuned for the rest of my online shopping delusion 😉

skirt and necklace: H&M, shirt: Zara, rings: Mango

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