About being positive and other challenges

IMG_4132I must admit, I am not the best person to give advice on how to get rid of negative energy. When I did something wrong, I’m playing this scene in my head over and over again, wondering what I could have done differently or better. However, it is important to not let yourself get dragged down by negative feelings.

A little while ago, that was exactly what was happening. I felt really bad about myself and only saw the negative side of things. I felt as if I wasn’t accomplishing enough with my blog, I wasn’t as successful career-wise as I wished I was and of course everybody else around me was doing better.
Eventually I reached the point where I couldn’t even listen to myself complaining anymore. Something had to change. I had to change. And so I tried to develop certain habits that helped me staying a little more positive. Of course there are always set-backs but I try to change every time anew.

Become grateful, especially for the small things
It’s easy to be grateful for big accomplishments. What we tend to overlook, though, are the small things in life that happen to us. Our lives will not  always be filled with huge successes so we need to appreciate the small things in life too.

Laugh more
There are times when our schedule is packed, life gets busy and work feels task-oriented and routine-driven. Sometimes being human can rather feel like being a robot. But this work-driven and serious attitude is what gets us into negative thinking. Try to live life less serious and let yourself of the hook from time to time. Laugh! And as Taylor told us: Shake it off! 😉

What you say is what you believe
If you tell yourself over and over again that you’re not good enough, it’s no wonder that eventually you start to believe it yourself. Because what you tell out loud becomes reality. So how about you start telling yourself how great you are and what you have accomplished instead of where you didn’t succeed? Maybe you’ll start to believe that, too…

As for my outfit, I am wearing flared jeans from New Look (similar), a simple white blouse from H&M, a vest from American Eagle (old) and a skinny scarf from Asos.







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12 thoughts on “About being positive and other challenges

  1. Dear Liesa, I can totally understand you. It us quite hard to stay postive when you’re having a hard time. I also had a period when I was just complaining and talking about the negative sides of my life. Then I decided to change the things that made me feel so depressed instead of complaining about them. Sometimes you have to take action and then you’ll see how much better it gets. Btw. it’s often the negative people you surround yourself with that make you feel bad.

    And the outfit is pretty nice too!

    Sara from http://www.thecosmopolitas.com

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