A perfect day in Fall

I am really really sorry for the radio silence last week guys, but I have a pretty good excuse: I am moving!

After four years of living in Dresden I am finally saying goodbye. Dresden has really treated me well. It’s such a beautiful city. Every time I saw the historic town or visited the “Neustadt” with all its hipster cafés and colored walls I fell in love with it a little more. I felt like there has always been something to discover, some place to go that you haven’t seen before. And of course I made really good friends here. It’s really not easy for me to say goodbye.

However, after every goodbye comes a “hello” and that’s gonna be in….drum roll please…. Amsterdam! I just love this city so much. I visited it 10 years ago or so with my family. It was our first time to see Amsterdam though we have driven past it so many times. I immediately knew: I wanna live here one day. All these tiny, slightly angular houses appeal to me so much. With all the town canals and bikes I feel like there is such a quality of life. And of course there is quite a lot to discover too. I’m a sucker for individual furniture and all that and I already found so many great stores, I can’t wait to move into my own flat. Although that’s not gonna happen that soon. First I’m only gonna be an interim tenant.

The reason why I am going to Amsterdam is that I am going to intern in a fashion company. I’m gonna tell you more about it soon. That’s really exciting! However, with all the excitement the fear of disappointing someone, not being able to come up to the expectation and failing at something is my constant companion. Still, I am very excited for all the experiences I’m gonna make. I just wished I could relax more and enjoy them more…

As for this outfit, I really couldn’t believe that I was able to wear shorts one more time this year. I paired them with my new shoes from Asos and a simple white blouse. Pretty minimalistic, but that’s what I enjoy most in outfits.

shorts: mbym (on sale here), shoes: asos (here), blouse: H&M

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